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Old School Video Games. Reviews, Info and Podcast.
  Link   MLG Canada
Check out Major League Gaming Canada for info on Pro Gamers, Canadian ladders, tournaments and more!
  Link   Internet Archive
- A digital library of things gone by, a great web resource
  Link   3D Film Maker
- Ottawa-based Ken Thain's machinima videos and blog
  Link   Ownage
- An old school source for gaming videos, from Quake 2 and on
  Link   Halo Mods
- The place for hacking your copy of Halo
  Link   Halo Babies
- A Halo comic and a Halo art community
  Link   Xbox Scene
- Anything you ever wanted to know about modding your Xbox
  Link   Machinima.Com
- The biggest of the machinima sites, a great place for machinimakers
  Link   Halo Planet
- Halo news, tips, tricks, vids and more.
  Link   Bungie.Net
- The creators of Halo, Bungie Studios, this is their official site
  Link   Halo.Bungie.Org
- The center of the Halo community, a resource for ALL that is Halo
  Link   Machinimakers
- A hub for producers of video game movies, for makers of machinima